Sunday, August 19, 2007

Indian Idol 3 - Gala 9 Updates

The show started with all the contestants, Alisha Chinai, Anu Malik and Udit Narayan dancing on a few disco songs like "Its the time for disco." and some more.

Myang Chang:

The first one to sing was chang and he sang "om shanti om"

All judges agreed that he sang very well even some said it was flawless.
Javed Akhtar-agar mein audience mein hota toh aako dikhata ki mujhe kaisa laga
Alisha-You give me fever-flawless
Udit-bahut jyaada accha gaya
Anu Malik-you can give competition to al the others here

Prashant Tamang:

Then prashants sang "Ek haseena thi" on his turn.

That was his bad day actually.The judges didnt like it much they thought he needs to improve, also he didnt match chang's standard and chang has raised the bar of the competition.
Javed Akhtar-accha gaya lekin kuch galityan thi...he pointed out 2 mistakes
Alisha-his voice is too good...
Udit-sipoi hai ladte rahiye
Anu Malik-at this stage you cant perform like this kyunki its a toughest competition now....all are good singers left and if you sing like this you could be out.

Amit Paul:

The third was amit and he sang "pyar aaya".

Judges said that he was on par with chang's performance.According to javed Akhtar he was a gift to the hindi film industry.
Javed Akhtar-mein hype karke nhi bol raha lekin tum indian idol ki nahin music industry ki find ho...
Udit-accha tha lekin kahin jagah aapke sur falt hue
Anu Malik-Amit you have raised the bar of the show....thanks for comin to indian idol....

Emon Chatterjee:

Second last was "Suron ka badshah" Emon he sang "saara zamaana".

Judges liked it but thought he could have done better and his pronunciations were worng at some places.
Javed Akhtar-aap bahut acche singer hai....lekin aksar aap sonuji ko aisa lagta hai intentionally copy karte hein...
Alisha-I disagree....u were flawless
Udit-accha tha
Anu Malik-showed him some pronouctiation misatke
emon said tht he was wearing the jacket like how amitabh wore with those bulbe..he was scared becuse there were all wires inside him

Ankita Mishra:

Lastly Ankita, she was looking nice in a red outfit and she sang "aap jaisa koi"

All the judges just loved her song and thought it was sang in Ankita's own style and she introduced her own rendition they all said that now the hopes of havin a female indian idol are in her hands.
Javed Akhtar-iss ladki ki awwaz mein koi baat hai..aur personality mein bhi
Alisha-stood for her and told her ki yeh ek pura naya version ho sakta hain
Udit-aapne hila ke rakh diya...
Anu Malik-v r seraching a girl indian idol and u fit the bill after this performnace..

The show ended with all the contestants performing with taufiq quereshi.


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nice what about the Guest Judge?

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Where do you see the episodes before they come out? what is the source??