Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The biggest shock ever - EMON is OUT

This time the biggest shock is today's results. Emon Chatterji celebrated his last day on indian idol stage.

People again made prashant to be on top.

This is the most shocking news ever that Prashant is IN and Emon is OUT. Prashant is good but not more than Emon and Amit. Its a big fight going on in Prashant and Amit next time. because if next time again prashant gets votes from Police community then even then amit can take votes from all over india.

So lets hope for the best that deserving person gets elected.
But anyways Emon was a good singer and he will prove himself in industry. BEST of LUCK EMON

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Gala 11 Updates - Adnan Sami's Special

Round 1:

Theme : Adnan Sami's choice song.

He challenged all contestants to sing his chosen song and meet upto his expectations.

Emon Chatterjee:

Song : Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai, Ye Unka hai kaam

Adnan : Very well sung.
Anu : You are a prof. playback singer
Alisha : Very Well .
Udit : Kamal Kar diya
Javed : Kamaal ka gaaya. He was impressed and he forgave all his mistakes and misunderstandings abt emon. Overall very well sung.

Prashant Tamang:

Song: Ek Ladki bheegi bhagi si
Adnan : Good
Anu : Excellent
Alisha : Good
Javed : Good
Udit : Good in totality but some mistakes.

Amit Paul :

Song : Kora Kaagaz tha ye mann mera.

Adnan : Mature voice...fantastic throw....flawless singing
Anu : You are the absolute indian idol persona
Alisha : You are the find of indian idol
Udit : When asked abt the performance....he again fell off his chairr......he was in good humour mood and all made fun of
Javed : Excellent.

Round 2

Theme : Contestant's choice song

To dedicate to anyone in their family or friends.

Emon : He dedication to his parents.

Song : Tu yaar tu hi dildaar.

Anu: We are proud to hv u
Adnan : Awesome!
Alisha : Great !!
Udit : Bohat Acha
Javed: We are proud of you. Overall it was very nice

Prashant Tamang:
Song: bheege hont tere.
prashant dedicated this song to his fellow policemen in west bengal who had once requested him to sing this song in the show

Adnan : Excellent but could have been better.
Javed: You selected the toughest song of all and rendered it well
Alisha: Your best singing till date
Udit: Aapne aisa gaya jaise darjeeling ke pahaadon mein koi akela baithke surila gaa raha ho aur wo meethi awaaz yahan tak aayi ho.
(He was just giving out of track boring funny comments)
Anu : Best performance of the day. !!! You rocked !!! I understand you that these weeks you were thinking that you are easily getting votes but not comments. All think that you just get votes but you dont sing well but today you have proved that you sing awesome. You are the best. And all votes that you get are worth getting. Awesome singing.

Amit Paul:

song: Gustaakh dil tere liye betaab hai. O jaane jaaadnan.

Udit : Mind blowing.
Alisha : Awesome.
Javed : He was superb entertainer.
Anu : He was jus fantastic.
Audience asked for once more. And he sung it again. He rocked the show.

According to me Amit was the best performer of the day. As all the judges agreed to it except for anu malik as he believed tht prashant was the best and also amit and in the second place Emon.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fighting Javed Akhtar and Anu Malik on Emon and Ankita.

The Results were really unexpected this time again. Parshant was as usual on top. and rest were in bottom three. later Amit was declared dramtically safe. then left Emon and Ankita.

Mini and Hussain asked judges baot the eliminating candidate. Alisha, Anu and Udit named Ankita but Javed went for Emon with strong reasons. This came up with a strong fight between Anu and Javed. Javed jee went Mad for Ankita. He didnt even allowd anyone to listen audience to Anu by keep on speaking loudly.

Later Hussain Announced The name "Ankita" to be on Indian Idol Stage for the last time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Indian Idol Gala 10 - Updates

This time there were two rounds of this gala.

1st round – contestants will sing songs of judges choice

Amit Paul

He sang “Dil kya kare jab kisi ko....”
Anu Malik – As always good.
Alisha Chinoi – Fabulus Performance.
Udit Narayan - Nice
Javed Akhtar - Nice ( Forgot his complete comments )

Ankita Mishra

She sang “Dekh le aankho mein ankhe dal dekh le.”
She brought black board on stage.

Anu Malik – “You are cool, bindas dude. I liked your singing.”
Alisha Chinoi – “Hats off, everything is perfect.”
Udit Narayan – “Hilla ke rakh diya, sambhhal ke rehana padega baki ke contestanst ko.”
Javed Akhtar – “Is ladki mein zarror koi baat hai, she is becoming icon for indain girls.”

Emon Chatterji

He sang “Kal ho na ho.”
Anu Malik - He called him towards him and hugged him and called him “My beta”. “You are very good playback singer”, He added.
Alisha Chinoi – “Fabulus”.
Udit Narayan - “I intentially gave you this song because I though you can sing it in your voice but again I think it was Sonu Again.
Javed Akhtar - “I am disappointed. He had a chance to prove himself by choosing any other song but he again chose sonu’s song. Didn’t prove himself. he sang good but again affected by sonu.

Prashant Tamang

He sang “Kuch na kaho”.
Anu Malik - Nice
Alisha Chinoi - Nice
Udit Narayan – You will sing as playback singer for my wifes next neepali film.
Javed Akhtar - Tune mujhe RD BURMAN ki yaad dila di.

2nd round- RD BURMAN special

Emon Chatterji

He sang “Dilbar mere dil ko”.
Anu Malik – “He will become great playback singer. Kisi bhi gane ko tum accha ga sakte ho.”
Alisha Chinoi – “Very nice.”
Udit Narayan – “You sang it in your voice.”
Javed Akhtar – “Nice.”

Ankita Mishra

She sang “Piya tu ab to aaja.”
She brought a big cage on stage and started singing inside cage and Hussain released her from cage. Then she sang rest in audience.
Anu Malik – “She has guts to perform and sing. Which never happened in any indian idol season. She is perfect. I think aaj ankita ne show take over kiya hai. She is giving strong challenge to remainaing contestants. She manages performance and singing. Fabulous.”
Alisha Chinoi – “I am in love with you, fabulous. Ankita you are more than 10 male contestants of indian idol. you rocked today’s show. I am carefully listening where you could loose your sur but you didn’t give me any chance of that your are great.”
Udit Narayan – “I am again saying bach ke rahana baki ke. She is very good in both singing and performing.”
Javed Akhtar – “Again I am saying I don’t know but is ladki mein zarror koi baat hai. I think every indian girl should admire Ankita, because I think. It is indian girl who breaks the cage of indian girls and come out natural. She is symbol of indian girl."

Prashant Tamang

He sang. “O mere dil ke chain.”
Anu Malik – “Technically 100 % perfect but feelings nahi thi.”
Alisha Chinoi – “Agreed with Anu. you are perfect in sur.”
Udit Narayan – “Agreed. But you have very good voice and you will sing for my new film.”
Javed Akhtar – “Agreed with Anu.”

Amit Paul

He sang “O meri soni meri tammana.”

Forgot his comments but he was good again and rocked the show.

special guests – They came for just five minutes not for the whole show.Tushar kapporSharman joshi (Style fame)Kunal khemu (Traffic signal)At the end all sang a group song.”Yaama yaama ye khub surat sama”This will most rocking gala that I ever watched on screen.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chang's Call for "Shanti" Ended up with his elimination.

Its becoming tradition of Indian Idol whenever someone sings good he/she is eliminated. Like did Charu, Parleen, Deepali then Puja and now CHANG.

This time Parshant and Ankita are being selected continuously by their fans. But people say today Top three singers were in bottom three. Yes Amit, Emon and Chang were in bottom three.

Mini and Hussain asked all contestants who they think will be voted out today.

All the guys took Ankita's name but ankita took Emon's name.

Later when the result was announced, Alisha ws shocked. She said somthing. Then got up and just walked out crying. Alisha Mini and Hussain cried.

The show was the one like it was on Parleen's Elimination.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Indian Idol 3 - Gala 9 Updates

The show started with all the contestants, Alisha Chinai, Anu Malik and Udit Narayan dancing on a few disco songs like "Its the time for disco." and some more.

Myang Chang:

The first one to sing was chang and he sang "om shanti om"

All judges agreed that he sang very well even some said it was flawless.
Javed Akhtar-agar mein audience mein hota toh aako dikhata ki mujhe kaisa laga
Alisha-You give me fever-flawless
Udit-bahut jyaada accha gaya
Anu Malik-you can give competition to al the others here

Prashant Tamang:

Then prashants sang "Ek haseena thi" on his turn.

That was his bad day actually.The judges didnt like it much they thought he needs to improve, also he didnt match chang's standard and chang has raised the bar of the competition.
Javed Akhtar-accha gaya lekin kuch galityan thi...he pointed out 2 mistakes
Alisha-his voice is too good...
Udit-sipoi hai ladte rahiye
Anu Malik-at this stage you cant perform like this kyunki its a toughest competition now....all are good singers left and if you sing like this you could be out.

Amit Paul:

The third was amit and he sang "pyar aaya".

Judges said that he was on par with chang's performance.According to javed Akhtar he was a gift to the hindi film industry.
Javed Akhtar-mein hype karke nhi bol raha lekin tum indian idol ki nahin music industry ki find ho...
Udit-accha tha lekin kahin jagah aapke sur falt hue
Anu Malik-Amit you have raised the bar of the show....thanks for comin to indian idol....

Emon Chatterjee:

Second last was "Suron ka badshah" Emon he sang "saara zamaana".

Judges liked it but thought he could have done better and his pronunciations were worng at some places.
Javed Akhtar-aap bahut acche singer hai....lekin aksar aap sonuji ko aisa lagta hai intentionally copy karte hein...
Alisha-I disagree....u were flawless
Udit-accha tha
Anu Malik-showed him some pronouctiation misatke
emon said tht he was wearing the jacket like how amitabh wore with those bulbe..he was scared becuse there were all wires inside him

Ankita Mishra:

Lastly Ankita, she was looking nice in a red outfit and she sang "aap jaisa koi"

All the judges just loved her song and thought it was sang in Ankita's own style and she introduced her own rendition they all said that now the hopes of havin a female indian idol are in her hands.
Javed Akhtar-iss ladki ki awwaz mein koi baat hai..aur personality mein bhi
Alisha-stood for her and told her ki yeh ek pura naya version ho sakta hain
Udit-aapne hila ke rakh diya...
Anu Malik-v r seraching a girl indian idol and u fit the bill after this performnace..

The show ended with all the contestants performing with taufiq quereshi.